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Hands-On English

Second Edition Now Available!

Do you know someone who wrestles with English--

  • Should I use I or me?

  • Should I put a comma here?

  • Should I use it's or its?

  • Writing drives me crazy! There's too much to think about at once.

  • I read the whole thing, but I just don't get it.

Hands-On English solves all of these dilemmas -- and hundreds more.

Hands-On English, the English handbook that makes grammar visual, gives quick access to the basics of English: grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and writing.

"The author provides enough examples to make a point, but keeps sections concise, making this book an excellent tool for answering questions while working on a project. . . . [Hands-On English] is easy to study, with lots of white space, bold-text headings, and illustrations detailing some of the more complex ideas. . . . [It gives] teachers and students alike a near-perfect guide to all things English."

Hands-On English distinguishes itself from other English books by using icons to represent parts of speech. The icons revolutionize grammar instruction by presenting abstract concepts concretely. This visual approach helps unravel the mysteries of grammar and language for people who have previously found it baffling.

"Hands-On English truly lives up to its name; information is at one's fingertips. And the information is readable, easy to grasp, and complete. There has always been a need for this book. How nice that there's now a book to fill the need."
--Patricia Broderick, Teaching K - 8

In Hands-On English people can quickly find and understand the information they need in order to use English correctly. This helps them develop independence and confidence with the language.

Hands-On English serves students and teachers at all levels -- from grade school to college. It is also a valuable resource for families, for professionals, for people learning English as a subsequent language, for anyone who wants to use English more effectively.

Familiar Favorites from the First Edition

  • Clear, concise explanations

  • Graphic representation of parts of speech and sentence patterns

  • Tidy, user-friendly layout

  • 100+ illustrations to reinforce content

  • More than 200 word parts with meanings and examples

  • Information for correct usage, capitalization, and punctuation

  • Pointers for efficient, effective reading and writing

  • Proper form for outlines, letters, bibliographies, footnotes

  • Tips for success in school

New in the Second Edition (32 pages) 

  • Decoding 

  • Main idea 

  • Paragraph development 

  • Conciseness

More about the book

Table of Contents
Reviews and Testimonials
About the Author
Reasons for Using an English Handbook
Answers to FAQs about Hands-On English

Sample pages
   School Success

Hands-On EnglishTrade paperback, 192 pages, 8 x 10 1/2 inches. Illustrations, index, appendices. 2004. ISBN: 0966486757. $14.95.

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