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ELD/ELA Matrices for California

The following matrices show the correlation between state English Language Development (ELD) and English Language Arts (ELA) standards within the Hands-On English program, as certified by the California Department of Education. Note that the only items checked in the matrices are those items where a definite correlation of specific ELD and ELA standards can be cited in the materials. The Hands-On English program addresses many additional objectives that are not checked.

In addition, Hands-On English has passed a Legal and Social Compliance review by the California Department of Education and is eligible for purchase with Proposition 20 Lottery Funds or IMFRP funds. These funds are designated for purchase of supplementary instructional materials.

Please be sure to look at the cover sheet to get an overview of the program.

The following pages are legal-size sheets as PDF files in the Adobe® Reader® format.  If you cannot open the sample pages, you will need to download the reader file using the button below.

Matrix Cover Sheet
Writing Reading Listening/Speaking
Grade Three Grade Three Grade Three
Grade Four Grade Four Grade Four
Grade Five Grade Five Grade Five
Grade Six Grade Six Grade Six
Grade Seven Grade Seven Grade Seven
Grade Eight Grade Eight
Grades Nine-Ten Grades Nine-Ten
Grades Eleven-Twelve Grades Eleven-Twelve

For more information about the products referenced in the citations:

Hands-On English     
      Hands-On English Table of Contents with sample pages
Activity Book 
      Activity Book
Table of Contents with sample pages
Hands-On Sentences
Hands-On Icons

Contact the author, Fran Hamilton at  or toll-free phone or fax: 1-888-641-5353.


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