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Hands-On English: A Valuable Resource for You and Your Students

Hands-On English helps teachers fulfill their formidable responsibility of educating the next generation, often in a classroom atmosphere of social and academic turbulence.

Hands-On English can help you meet the diverse needs of students in your classroom by reducing the number of times that you must choose between remediation and enrichment. During writing workshop, for example, some students may need information that you have presented dozens of times; others may need information that will not be introduced until next year. Because information in Hands-On English is easy to find and easy to understand, both students can find what they need -- simultaneously and independently. Ideally, each student will have a copy of Hands-On English to use at school and at home, in the present and in the future.

If you cannot order copies of Hands-On English for your students, order a "Package" as a resource for yourself. Hands-On English provides clear, straight-forward ways for you to explain concepts to your students. The book's example sentences ensure that you'll always be prepared with appropriate illustrations of the concepts you're presenting.

In addition to Hands-On English, the "Package" includes The Activity Book, which contains reproducible practice pages, and Hands-On Sentences, a card game that gives practice with parts of speech and sentence construction. You might also want to order Hands-On Icons, a set of visual aids to facilitate the teaching and learning of grammar.

Comments About Hands-On English

" . . . just the discussion and listing of the common morphemes make this book worth purchasing. . . . This user-friendly volume is sure to become a favorite resource on the English language."
--School Library Journal

"Anyone who wants to get back to the basics of English grammar, or to help a young student build a solid foundation in English, should own a copy of Hands-On English."

"In Hands-On English Fran Hamilton gives clarity and meaning to the rules of writing. She masterfully simplifies complex rules and definitions so that they become useful tools for writing instead of barriers. The book can be used as a basis for classroom teaching or as a reference for writers -- regardless of their level of experience. Each of my grandchildren will have a copy of Hands-On English to begin the fourth grade."
--Dr. Al Burr, Burr Educational Enterprises, Ltd.

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Hands-On English
Reasons for Using an English Handbook
Hands-On English Activity Book
Hands-On Sentences
Hands-On Icons
Answers to FAQs about Hands-On English

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