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Hands-On English: A Valuable Resource for Your Whole Family

Would you like to help your children get the maximum benefit from the time that they spend on homework? Would you like to increase your own understanding of English so that you will be better able to answer your children's questions and to model correct English usage?

Hands-On English can

  • quickly provide answers to questions about writing

  • present information so that your child can understand it independently

  • help your child improve study skills

  • lift your child in an upward spiral of confidence and success

  • reduce the frustration -- both yours and your child's -- associated with homework

If homework time runs more smoothly, not only will family tensions ease but more time will be available for other activities.

The Hands-On English Activity Book can supplement your child's study at school or can provide review material for times when school is not in session.

Hands-On Sentences can help your child understand parts of speech and write more sophisticated sentences.

Comments About Hands-On English

"Anyone who wants to get back to the basics of English grammar, or to help a young student build a solid foundation in English, should own a copy of Hands-On English."

"The book's use of simple line drawings, large amounts of white space, and frequent bold headings make an often-feared subject seem less intimidating. . . . Hamilton answers just about any question a student could have about grammar or writing, and she does so in an easy-to-use format."

"Hands-On English is a worthwhile addition to any home library."
--Homeschooling Today

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Hands-On English
Reasons for Using an English Handbook
Hands-On English Activity Book
Hands-On Sentences
Hands-On Icons

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