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Hands-On English: A Unique, Economical Language Arts Program

Hands-On English and The Activity Book can provide your curriculum for grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and study skills for more than one year.

These books

  • present information so that both you and your children can understand it easily

  • avoid the repetition and excessive drill included in many other curricula

  • enable you to easily individualize your children's spelling and vocabulary programs

  • permit you to photocopy activity pages for the children you teach

  • are very affordable ($39.90 could see several children through more than one year)

Portico Books has attended a number of conventions to show homeschoolers how they can use the Hands-On English products to teach their children about grammar, the English language, writing, and studying.

We've put together a list of answers to homeschoolers' frequent questions about using the Hands-On English products. In addition, we offer suggestions for organizing and sequencing the curriculum.

Comments from Homeschooling Sources

"[Hands-On English and The Activity Book] together provide a solid, foundational grammar course for students grades 4 through about 9."
--Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manuals, 2000

"Since we have been using Hands-On English, my children look forward to English -- and I am comfortable explaining it to them."
--Adrienne Mastrobattista, Pennsylvania Homeschooler

"Hands-On English is a worthwhile addition to any home library."
--Homeschooling Today, September/October, 1999

More Reviews of Hands-On English
Answers to FAQ's for Homeschoolers
Suggestions for Sequencing
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