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Sample Media Interview Questions

Hands-On English & the English Language
Helping Children Succeed in School

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About Hands-On English, Its Related Products, and the English Language

  1. How is Hands-On English different from other English handbooks? How is it "hands-on"?

  2. Is Hands-On English intended for a particular audience or age group?

  3. In Hands-On English you talk about reading and studying efficiently. What things can a person do to improve efficiency in these areas?

  4. Why did you choose to publish Hands-On English yourself instead of having it published by an established publisher?

  5. What products have you created to supplement Hands-On English?

  6. English has the reputation of being one of the most difficult languages. Why is that?

  7. Do you think errors in English are more common today than they were fifty -- or even ten -- years ago? If so, why?

  8. Why is it important to use English correctly?

  9. What are some things that parents can do to nurture their children's language development?

About Parents Helping Their Children Succeed in School

  1. What is the best way for parents to communicate to children that they consider school to be important?

  2. How important is reading in the home?

  3. Is TV really as bad for children as many educators make it seem? What about video games?

  4. Is it good for families to have an established routine? Why or why not?

  5. Is it good for parents to relieve children of all other responsibilities--such as household chores--so that children can focus only on school? Why or why not?

  6. What are some things parents can do in the summer to help the school year get off to a good start?

  7. How involved should parents be in their children's homework?

  8. What is a good way for parents to deal with their child's frustration over a difficult homework assignment?

  9. What are some things that parents can do to nurture their children's language development?

  10. How does Hands-On English contribute to children's success in school?

About Self-Publishing

  1. Exactly what does self-publishing involve?

  2. How common is self-publishing?

  3. Why is self-publishing important to the reading public?

  4. What are some advantages of self-publishing?

  5. What are some disadvantages of self-publishing?

  6. Which kinds of books are most appropriate for self-publishing?

  7. If I wanted to self-publish a book I have written, how would I start?

  8. How does the self-publisher get books to the ultimate consumer -- the reader?

  9. How much capital do I realistically need before I publish my first book?

  10. Does an author make more money by self-publishing or by having an established publisher publish the book?

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